Silvia Olmedo scolded Alfredo Adame in the middle of the program, believing that he hit a man

  • The driver, Silvia Olmedo, told him that she did not agree with his actions, as his girlfriend was responsible for whether or not he accepted the flirting.
  • Alfredo Adame assured that he did not do this out of jealousy, but because he felt that he had been disrespected.
  • Alfredo Adeyeme has featured in several controversies after starring in Street Fights.

alfredo adem Was invited to the program ‘Terapia de Shock’ presenting Sylvia Olmedo In which the topic of jealousy was addressed when someone approaches your partner.

To which Alfredo Adame revealed that a few years ago when he was married to a Colombian actress, he was in a restaurant at the buffet, when his partner got up to eat, a man approached him.

“She stood up, then there was a table of six and eight friends in the buffet line and all of a sudden Galanito came over and gave her a card, they saw he had come with me, I wasn’t Adam from television.”

At that moment I told him to give me the card and I returned to the card ‘oh what is that oops’ it took him longer to say I kicked him in the face, knocked 4 teeth and almost broke his hand and he It wasn’t jealousy it was lack of respect towards him”.

Silvia Olmedo reacts to Adame’s statements

“No, no, what would that woman have done, didn’t get the card, didn’t put you in your place, didn’t, you lost your temper, now 60 years old, would you react the same? “,

“Yeah,” remarked Adam, “he wanted to be and show off smart.”

“I disagree with all the acts of violence there. I think they should have given you your space to avoid conflict,” said Sylvia Olmedo, who was supported by colleagues and members of the public who thought it was It was the lady who should have declined the card instead.

“I agree, but I reacted primitive said Adem, who was applauded by the program’s public for admitting that this was not the best way to react.

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