“So It Wasn’t Real Love”

  • Aylin Mujica affirms that Rey Grupero has the right to seek love and wishes him the best.

after a brief relationship with aylin mujica after leaving LCDLF3
, gang king He gives himself a new chance at love and introduces his new Brazilian girlfriend, Fernanda, who has lived in Mexico for many years.

It all happened during a CDMX trip to an impoverished neighborhood to deliver toys and food to local children, where the girl told how she met the influencer and how their courtship developed.

“I think it was something of both, right? We both got hooked. We met through a Brazilian friend from last year. There we were talking, things were happening. The king is beautiful, love is “he expressed in front of the cameras of La Mesa Caliente.

For his part, the comedian limited himself to hugging his girlfriend and with obvious joy, he boasted how much he was in love with her, at the same time asking for the applause of those present.

Rey Grupero and the young Brazilian met thanks to a mutual friend and recently began their romance. / Youtube: The Hot Table

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especially gang king He was recently caught with this girl when they both went to a party for the weekend. Although, at that time, he was also seen with another girl, everything indicates that he decided with the Brazilian.

According to Fernanda herself, she has been living in Mexico for 18 years and feels “More Mexican” Compared to Brazil, as she feels very happy to be in the country.

Aylin Mujica reacts to Rey Grupero’s new romance

As mentioned above, the note was given by the hot tablewhere the program aylin mujica
She works as a driver, so it was imperative that she talks about it.

“Therefore, it wasn’t real loveThe actress said, a colleague of hers, that Rey Grupero had already “ended” his romance with her.

Aylin Mujica expressed, as a joke, that the love she had with Rey Grupero “wasn’t real.” / Archive TV Notes

Shortly after that, he said it was the content creator who told him that he already knew the girl and warned him that if he didn’t listen to him, he would go looking for her in Brazil.

“She told me she had a girl and after she entered the House of Celebrities, She fell in love with me, but if I didn’t reciprocate my love, she was going to look for him. I wish her all the love in the world, she’s a super lovely person,” he added, though he doesn’t rule out the possibility that her ex-boyfriend “nails another nail.”

Aylin Mujica doesn’t rule out the possibility that Rey Grupero is using his new girlfriend to get to her. / Facebook: Aileen Mujica

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