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Andrea Reeb announced the decision a month after the actor’s lawyer filed a motion to remove her because she is also a representative in the state legislature, which the actor’s team argued was a second term of government for a legislator. Violated the state constitution to serve in the branch.

By Samuel Osborne, news reporter @samuelosborn93

Wednesday 15 March 2023 04:29 UK

The special prosecutor handling the case against Alec Baldwin for shooting cinematographer Halina Hutchins on the set of the film Rust has quit.

Andrea Reeb announced the decision a month later Baldwin’s The lawyer filed a motion for his removal as he is also a representative in the state legislature.

The actor’s team argued that it violates the New Mexico Constitution for a legislator to serve in another branch of government.

“The best way to ensure justice in this case is for me to step down so that the prosecution can focus on the evidence and facts, which clearly show a complete disregard for basic security protocols, which led to Halina Hutchins has died,” Ms. Reeb said.

“I will not allow questions about my service as a legislator and prosecutor to detract from the real issue at hand.”

Baldwin, the film’s star and producer, on Feb. 23. entered a not guilty plea on charges of involuntary manslaughter.

he was holding the gun that killed Ms. HutchinsHowever, he has denied pressing the trigger.

His attorney said that of the two others charged, armourer Hannah Gutierrez-Reid will plead not guilty to involuntary manslaughter, while assistant director Dave Hall will plead not guilty to a misdemeanor weapon charge.

Halina Hutchins pictured in 2017. Pic: Rex

firearms surge dropped

Prosecutors originally charged Baldin and Ms. Gutierrez-Reid with a five-year firearms enhancement, but later dropped it because the law was not in force at the time of Ms. Hutchins’ death, minimizing their potential prison sentence. was reduced from five years. Maximum 18 months.

Ms. Gutierrez-Reid has attributed the shooting to possible sabotage, Baldwin’s lack of firearms training, and the failure of Hall and Baldwin to call her on set to check for additional firearms.

Alec Baldwin photographed on the set of the film after shooting. Photo: Sante Fe Police

Prosecutors claimed the officers destroyed the gun.

It comes after prosecutors in New Mexico denied claims Baldwin’s lawyers said state officials had destroyed the firearm that killed Ms Hutchins.

Meanwhile, several lawsuits have been launched against Baldwin and others in connection with Ms Hutchins’ death, including her husband Matthew, his parents and his sister. A was settled At the end of January.

there are three crew members Those initiating legal action also includeAdding that he has suffered anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms since the shooting.

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