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Actress Blanca Portillo received the South Award this Sunday at the 26th edition of the Malaga Festival. “You must be wondering what this Mamarracha is doing dressed like this on a night of luxury and splendour,” began his vote of thanks, which was picked up Cinema in SER, To underline his words, Portillo stepped away from the lectern for a moment to reveal to the public his clothes: white T-shirt, jeans and sports shoes.

“This is a very thoughtful decision. I am not here tonight to defend any character or any specific work. I am here because you have decided to value nearly 40 years of work that is dedicated to interpretation and since that’s what you’re evaluating, I want to get it across as a person, not as an actress, and it’s plain and simple what I am, Blanca”, said the interpreter. Argued.

Portillo portrayed herself as “a human who transforms into luxury and disguise without any additives, dyes or preservatives”: “a 59-year-old woman who is scared and cold most of the time and in dire need of love and support What do you like? From jeans to evening dresses. From champagne at parties to beers with friends who love to be admired”.

The interpreter compared himself to Brad Pitt and made the audience laugh. “We’re almost the same age, the exact same nose, the same. Four of them are taken from me, but they’re the same,” he joked.

“The other thing we have in common is that we both have had to fight against our physiques to appreciate our acting abilities, only in a different way. She has fought against her beauty to show that she is a are more than one.” Beautiful body and face and me, against your lack of beauty to show that without it you can be an actress”, she defended.

Brad Pitt has fought against his beauty to show that it is more than a pretty body and face and I have fought against my lack of beauty to show that you can be an actress without it

Lastly, the actress took the opportunity to send a message of “strength and hope” to those who have ever been told that “they need a physique to dedicate themselves to their profession”.

As he quotes, what is really needed is “love, effort, training, the ability to dream what does not exist, the courage to overcome fear, respect for yourself and those around you.” ” and, of course, “culture, work and devotion”, elements that grow with years and practice. “Everything else takes time,” he insisted.

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