Spencer Dutton being the ‘only hope’ for the family in ‘1923’ finally spurred them to action

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Warning: This article contains spoilers from the season finale of 1923.

taylor sheridan rising yellowstone The universe expanded in a significant way with the first season of the Dutton Family prequels, 1923, Introducing us to the next branch of the family tree, we meet Kara and Jacob Dutton, family patriarchs and patriarchs who have led their loved ones through tumultuous and painful experiences, finding joy and love along the way. Find the splinters.

While Jacob and Kara held strong, another member of the Dutton family was showing a familiarity with their loved ones, even though it was the last thing he wanted to admit. You see, Spencer Dutton was living his life by overcoming his demons, and Brandon Schellner brought his pain to life in such a raw and vulnerable way that it was hard for him to do anything but There was a root for Someone who understands that in a major way is Kara, who’s held a candle for Spencer her entire life, believing he’ll return to his family and that they’re missing something: hope.

How does Spencer feel about Schellner being the “only hope” left for the Dutton family? In conversation with Entertainment Tonight, he shared that he’s not convinced that Spencer is fully aware of how powerful he is, not recognizing that Kara is dependent on his existence as the driving force behind the family.

“Oh, sure. It’s funny because he knows who he is, but he doesn’t even know how much. He’s got the letters, so he knows they’re counting on him, but how much they’re pouring into him from afar, he’s not 100 percent aware of what extent and where he’s at. He can only guess, but he knows who he is and he’s aware of his responsibility And he knows how effective he can be. I think that’s part of his appeal. He’s not naïve about the fact that he can hit. He doesn’t mind.”

Spencer unquestionably recognizes his strength and the lengths he’s willing to go to ensure his safety and the safety of those around him, but he’s never considered himself the source of support for his family—he’s running away from it all. Was. He spent years trying to leave behind any trace of his past, which meant not giving much importance to any thoughts about his future.

Speaking of the future, Schellner has an idea of ​​what he hopes for Spencer, and it’s something fans are hoping for, too. Spencer wants to come in and save the day, sweeps, and takes out the trash, and as we’ve seen in recent episodes, there’s a lot of building going on in Yellowstone.

“I hope we see him fully realized in his purpose and his mission and frankly he gets the bad guy. There’s a lot of people gathered at the ranch that you absolutely love.” No. You’d love to see them go down somehow, and I’d love to be the person to do it or at least help do it. It’s funny because you get a lot of questions about where it’s going. And do I know where this is going? I’m in the same boat as most fans. I can only hope and speculate, but alas, we don’t know. We really don’t know, and I hope That he will appear on a large scale and we will get that payment.

Of course, another piece of the future fans are keeping their fingers crossed is that Spencer and Alex will reunite and finally be allowed to find love, home, and comfort in each other again. Alex sparked something in Spencer that allowed her to believe in herself and in the future, and when they were forcibly separated at the end of the first season – our hearts broke. But given Spencer’s dedication and determination and the love and hope in Alex’s heart, it’s safe to say we haven’t seen the last of them just yet.

Spencer getting paid for whatever Dutton suffered will be everyone’s dream, here’s hoping Taylor Sheridan’s head is in there too. You can stream the first season of 1923 In its entirety now on Paramount Plus as the highly anticipated finale finally hits the streamer.

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