‘Stranger Things’ star Grace Van Dyne focused on Twitch streaming after filmmaker asked for sexual favors

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grace van dien can only appear in three episodes of stranger things 4, but she made a big impact on fans of the Netflix hit thanks to her winning turn as the unfortunate Chrissy Cunningham. It promised to serve as the star’s big break, with audiences looking forward to seeing her in several other projects. Unfortunately, Van Dyne shocked her supporters with the revelation that she is currently not focusing on her acting career following sexual misconduct by an undisclosed film producer.

Van Dyne explained during a recent Twitch stream that she’s focusing on that side of her career, as she’s found herself “turning down acting projects” to be on “one of the last movies”. It happened after the incident. [she] Did.” When opening up about his reasons for making the switch to Twitch streaming, Van Dien said:

“The truth of the matter is that the last few projects I’ve worked on haven’t been the best of experiences. In one of the last movies I did, a producer hired a girl he was sleeping with and asked me to have a threesome with him. So, like… he’s my boss. and i didn’t [do it]And I cried and I got very upset.”

Van Dyne explained that this soured acting for him so much that he “turned down four movies” in the last two and a half weeks. actress – as the daughter of one who is part of an acting dynasty sleepy Hollow star Casper Van Dyne and the great-granddaughter of Hollywood legend Robert Mitchum – said streaming is proving more beneficial for her mental health at this juncture.

“But when people say, ‘How is streaming better for your mental health?’ Like this,” she said. “I get to stay inside my house and play video games, and my boss doesn’t ask me to have sex with him. That way it’s better for my mental health.”

As far as the incident itself, Van Dyne informed his management that he “handled it the right way”. The actress also emphasized that she has the support of a co-star. However, a return to acting is not being ruled out, as Van Dien elaborated that she is working on developing her own projects and is currently looking for funding.

“I’m happy here, and I’m developing my projects,” she said. “I’m hoping someone decides to fund them because then I can have control of my sets, and I won’t be asking my actors to sleep with me.”

in addition to stranger things 4Grace Van Dyne also starred in several films released in 2022, including The Fix, V for VengeanceAnd what comes,

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