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Monica Bellucci one of the women The most beautiful and sexiest in the world. One of the most beautiful and sexiest people in the world. One of the most beautiful and sexy creatures etc etc etc. This is a girl bomb. And he knows it.

In many interviews she has told how she drew attention to him in class because of wearing heavy make-up. Monica was always aware of her strength And with it he has built a cinematographic career that is impossible to define: worked with the best (Terry Gilliam, Mel Gibson, Sam Mendes, The Wachowskis, Tornatore, Coixet, Gaspar Noé…) But they never did very complex character, She doesn’t even need to: why risk making a fool of yourself as an actress when you can be screen queen just by being on screen?

was a bondage girl Aged (see: Ageism), himself in the sly French series call my agent And a villain as glamorous as he is absurd in the latest film the style that is liam neeson Taking the law into his own hands.

Monica Bellucci also has a style of her own. Surprisingly, Tim Burton never trusted her for any of his fantasies of expensive and/or purple things and/or portrayed by Johnny Depp as doors. It was not necessary: ​​the news is that Bellucci and Burton They are a couple. Pure Hollywood. quality content. Perfect Romantic Comedy Premise: Goddess and Geek.

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