Sunday 21 May 2023

Sunday is a good day to watch movies or find series. Of course, without thinking too much about it, neither when choosing them nor when you face to see. So that fictions of proven effectiveness come into play with a reputation for being entertaining and which serve as a distraction from the height, no matter how flimsy the arguments they support. As far as raising refined entertainment from the most crippling void, guy richie He is quite a teacher.

Snatch: Pigs and Diamonds (Netflix)

British director recently released affidavit In USA: A thriller battle with Jake Gyllenhaal as a hero. It’s a film that shows the range of registers Richie can play, but he’s definitely not more comfortable when recruiting Jason Statham and finds himself immersed in a slick gangster fiction, Snatch: Pigs and Diamonds After the consolidation of both is considered lock StockAnd the years haven’t passed: it’s still hilarious and it goes by in one breath.


The White Lotus (HBO Max)

In recent years there has been a very curious outburst of fiction mocking the elite. White lotus does not have the intensity of succession nor the kaleidoscopic gaze parasitebut has the ability to entertain which is not far behind or bong joon-ho nor his cousin hbo max, There are two seasons available in the platform’s catalogue, while the third is already on the way.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2: The Movie (Amazon Prime Video)

sound was one of the last films to be released before the pandemic crisis, and sound 2 One that came just when it was about to expire. It’s a minor coincidence, but one that may forever be with this deputy’s image. Here’s a somewhat anecdotal exponent of overcoming the curse of video game adaptation for cinema, but very enjoyable because of its interpretation. jim carrey Like robotic. Much more threadbare in the sequel, for sure.

Arrested Development (Netflix)

and when we were talking succession… This series is already out of date, but it is surprising how similar its approach and characters are to later works Jesse Armstrong with Royce. In this case, the black humor veers towards the absurd, but the pettiness is more or less the same and it’s probably a good alternate plan. White lotus,

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