Sunny Deol-Aishwarya have worked together! 26 years old film ‘To’ has not been released even today

Mumbai, March 15: Till now many couples have made films in Bollywood. Many actor and actress pairings have become hits so far. Every film has a lead pair of actors. But most of the jodis are not liked by the audience. He liked many hit jodis that came in front of the audience. But there are many actors who have worked with each other but their work, their pairing never reached the audience. One such pair is Aishwarya Rai and Sunny Deol. You may be shocked to hear the names of both but yes both have worked together in a film. Romantic scenes are also given with Amy. But in 26 years the film has not reached the audience.

Aishwarya and Sunny Deol signed a film in 1997. This happened 26 years ago. Aishwarya and Sunny Deol were in the lead roles in the film. The two also shot for some portions of the film. Similarly, the shooting of the song has also been done. But the film did not release.

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The film signed by Aishwarya and Sunny Deol was called ‘Indian’. It is said that it was the costliest film in Bollywood at that time. This film was to be made with a budget of four and a half crores. The shooting of the film has started. A song was also picturized on Sunny Deol and Aishwarya. In which both gave scenes without compromise. The makers had to spend up to Rs 1.75 crore to shoot a single song in the film. It is being told that Aishwarya and Sunny Deol are very excited for this film.

In 1997, a big film of such a budget was made in Bollywood. Considering the cost of a song in the film, the film was shelved citing budget issues. Sunny Deol and Aishwarya’s work together could not be revealed to the audience as the film was shelved.

Aishwarya and Sunny Deol’s film Indian did not reach some audience but Sunny Deol’s film Indian was made in 2001 with Shilpa Shetty in the lead role.

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