The Prince of Wales has been in the news for weeks following an alleged crisis in his marriage. According to British media, Prince William spent Valentine’s Day with his alleged lover Rose Hanbury, the two enjoying dinner. however, Since these days have passed, there is no trace of that information.


All British newspapers covered the alleged dinner between Prince William and Rose Habbury. What’s more, they went a step further and went so far as to publish that the son of Carlos III gave the nobleman a pearl necklace for Valentine’s Day. However, after several days, there is no trace of that information. in a few hours, ‘Daily Mail’, ‘The Mirror’, ‘The Sun’ among others withdrew their articles. Something that has grabbed everyone’s attention as you have to go here and there to find information about it.

One of the hypotheses about what could have happened is that Buckingham appealed to the so-called “Super injunction”, a legal device used in very specific situations to silence the media, This privacy law makes it possible to hide certain information that violates privacy, regardless of its veracity. This is not the first time this has happened, it has already happened in 2019 when the talk about the alleged idyll between Prince William and Rose Habery started. Then, there was talk that the Prince of Wales might now take legal action, but this never happened as the issue was dismissed.


The most striking thing about “super injection” is that if implemented, UK Media Can’t Mention Him, nor recognize that they are enforcing it. However, other media outlets are talking about it being “no ban”, an alleged mandate that also comes from Buckingham and forcing them to remove posts they deem uncomfortable.

The Alleged Relationship Between Prince William and Rose Habery

You have to go back to 2019 when an alleged relationship between the two came to the fore after a picture of the two was leaked at a private party and in a loved-up attitude., She was a close friend of Kate Middleton and since then they have not been seen together. It should be remembered that the young woman was closely related to the monarchy and previously worked as a model. As if an alleged infidelity was not enough of a claim to sell copies, in the British press it is assured that these The sneaky encounter between Prince William and Rose Hanbury They happened during Kate Middleton’s third pregnancy with Prince Louis.