Tabatha Jalil is crowned queen of the miniskirt in a flirty metallic look

Tabatha Jalil Stole everyone’s eyes on social media from one Flirty Metal Watch perfect to kick off the season spring-Heat. on his official account Instagramfamous host ofsmile come onWith whom a series of pictures have been shared was crowned the queen of the miniskirt and showed off her curvy silhouette, garnering thousands of “likes” and flattering comments.

The morning reporter is also one of the beloved people on platforms and television, where she shares images with her most trendy outfits with which she demonstrates style, as well as herself as one of the stars of the small screen Confirms which best reflects the look of the garments. Definitely Jalil He knows how to wear these clothes so that they are a must have in the wardrobe.

Tabata Jalil wins in metallic miniskirt

JalilThe 43-year-old wowed her millions of followers on the Meta social network by sharing a series of snapshots against a blue background and sitting on a gray sofa, wearing a youthful and bright outfit, perfect for underlining her curvy silhouette. Right, thanks to your high-waist. The style with a belt that highlights the mid region apart from showing off her shapely legs is therefore admired by her followers.

Tabata is crowned as the Queen of the Miniskirt. Photo: IG @tabatajalioficial

“Every time the soul sighs, it draws a heart in the air… #live”, was the phrase accompanying the TV Azteca Morning Reporter postcard InstagramPublication that has generated more than 18 thousand “likes” in less than 24 hours, and has managed to garner hundreds of comments with flattering phrases, positioning itself as one of the well-known favorites of the network and the program confirms.

tabata fell in love with her look, because she combined metallic miniskirt in silver, which attracts attention due to its design with a belt that refines the figure, with a bubbly Blue satin belly button top, an outfit that caused an uproar among the host’s 3.4 million followers on the meta platform, who she flaunts every day with clothes that have positioned her as a fashion benchmark.

The host falls in love with the flirty look. Photo: IG @tabatajalioficial

Jalil She has confirmed herself as a fashionista on Mexican television and shows that age is just a number and it does not matter when it comes to looking very stylish with a younger look, as she is over 40. Is. crowned queen of the miniskirt And in the look she shared this Friday, she showed it off to start the weekend in style.

The presenter, who has been part of the TV Azteca morning cast for many years, began her career in the media in 1998 in the program “A Queen Corsponda”. Today, more than 20 years after her debut on television, she is undoubtedly one of the favorites on the small screen and now on social networks, where she is also crowned queen of style thanks to her mini look.

Famous reporter showing off her toned legs. Photo: IG @tabatajalioficial

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