Fast X comes first at the weekend box office

Fast X comes first at the weekend box office. Skip to content top navigation close this dialog window Explore close this dialog window share more close this dialog window view image fast x Race to the Top of the Weekend Box Office, Outpacing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 This link is to … Read more

Adam McKay has had to emotionally recover after the Succession series finale

Adam McKay has had to deal emotionally with the aftermath of the Succession series finale. Skip to content top navigation close this dialog window Explore close this dialog window share more close this dialog window view image Adam McKay needed time to ’emotionally recover’ after watching the film succession series finale This link … Read more

Which is the least lucky zodiac sign among all?

The zodiac who definitely does not enjoy the benefits that the universe gives him suffers daily to find other ways by which he can get what he wants, but he is sure to be lucky. Can’t get through it. He has the misfortune of always being the one to stumble over a banana or break … Read more

Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon scores a 9-minute standing ovation at Cannes

Lily Gladstone and Marty Scorsese on set assassins of flower moonpicture, Apple Standing ovations at film festivals over the years have taken on a mythology of their own. sure, ears and hands out like that Real Awards at the end of each year’s competition—and reviews for films such as Recent Cannes Premiere Indiana Jones and … Read more

Scorsese debuts ‘Killer of the Flower Moon’ at Cannes to thunderous applause

Cannes, France (AP) – Martin Scorsese unveiled “Killer of the Flower Moon” in Cannes Saturday, opening a sweeping American epic about greed and exploitation on the bloody plains of the Osage Nation Reservation in 1920s Oklahoma Went. Scorsese’s latest – starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Lily Gladstone and Robert De Niro – is one of his most … Read more

The Vision’ Rodrigo Blass Talks Making The Sith Short

Earlier this month, Disney released the second volume of its animated anthology series, star wars vision, where volume one This new batch focuses on the science-fiction franchise through the lens of various Japanese studios looked at loved ones in all over the worldAnd it’s all the better for it. almost everyone Some of the episodes … Read more

Altaïr Jarabo boasts of wonderful holidays with her husband and criticisms rain down on her: she looks like her grandfather

Altair Zarabo She is one of those actresses who has earned the affection of the Mexican public thanks to her simplicity and although little is known about her personal life, in 2021 she surprised her fans by revealing that she is married to a French-born businessman. Will marry Frederick GarciaWho is 20 years older than … Read more

Which sign is compatible with Leo in sex?

In the life of a couple, rapport within the room is necessary to maintain a good relationship and various experts confirm this. Of course, not all are compatible with all Horoscope the affinity between the two is obvious Zodiac sign, Today it is the turn to know which amount is the highest. Friendly Together Leo … Read more

Quentin Tarantino randomly announces that Once Upon a Time’s Rick Dalton passed away today

Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton Once Upon a Time…in Hollywoodpicture, Andrew Cooper / Columbia Pictures there has always been a healthy element of fanFiction That Works in Quentin Tarantino’s Movies—Never More Than This so compared to 2019 Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, which deliberately inserts characters of Tarantino’s own creation into the myths of 1960s … Read more