ABC executive addresses WandaVision, Mandalorian or other Disney+ fare to stick to ‘strike-proof’ schedule

When ABC released its “strike-proof” fall schedule, many were shocked by what wasn’t in it — meaning Any Original episode of the scripted series. Some were also surprised to see that the broadcaster didn’t fill any time slots with fare from its streaming sister, Disney+. When the WGA strike began on May 2, TVLine, for … Read more

‘The Mandalorian’ Bo-Katan actor shares his picks to play Satine Craze in live-action

image via lucasfilm Satine Craze is a character loved by many, although she has only ever appeared on screen as an animated character. the clone wars animated series. Bo-Katan actress if she ever comes to life katie sackhoff From the mandalorian Thinks she knows exactly who she should play. star wars The expansion of the … Read more