Takashi Sano to end Kimi ga Kemono ni Naru Mai ni manga on March 13th

© Takashi Sano, Kodansha

14th issue of this year bite‘S weekly youth magazine revealed on monday Takashi Sano will finish Kimi ga Kemono ni Naru Mai ni (Before You Turn Into a Beast) manga in the magazine’s next issue on March 13.

The story of the manga focuses on Hajime Kanzaki, a 31-year-old owner of a funeral parlor. One night, he coincidentally meets an old childhood friend, the now famous 26-year-old actress Kotone Kido, and they spend the night together. As they part, Kotone leaves her with the cryptic remark: “You were the only one who could stop me.” Later that night, a terrorist gas attack occurred at a train station in the city, which claimed 666 lives. Through footage of the attack, Hajime recognizes the gas-masked criminal as Kotone when she takes off her mask and dies as well. Hajime becomes embroiled again in the investigation surrounding the tragedy.

Sano launched the manga in weekly youth magazine In October 2021. bite On Monday published the seventh anthology volume of the manga.

Sano first back when you called us freaks ,kimi ga bokura wo akuma to yonda koro) Manga. launched in manga bite‘S magazine pocket The app followed in 2017, and ended with its 14th volume in October 2020.

Kodansha USA Publishing Is releasing the manga in English, and will release the 14th volume of the manga in June 2022.

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