Take a Seat Before We Meet the Actors of “I’m Betty, the Ugly” Who Were Husbands in Real Life

“Yo soy beti, la fe” is the great Colombian telenovela that has been running for 23 years as it continues to get people talking both on and off the small screen. The soap opera changed the way television was made throughout the Spanish-speaking world, as it broke stereotypes of beauties that were seen in a very bad light in other productions.

Let’s remember that Ana María Orozco (who played Betty) made a wonderful pair with Jorge Enrique Abello (Don Armando) on the set, where they started the Icomoda company with the thought of being in debt and not helping the family. Tried to save. All. It is clear that the plot captivated everyone where it succeeded.

Betty, the protagonist of Ugly. Source: Instagram @bettylafeaofficial

These were the actors who became husbands in ‘Ugly Betty’

In “I’m Betty the Ugly One” There are two characters who won the hearts of the entire audience and had a very special bond off camera. One of them is logical considering we are talking about Betty, one of the most loved and loved characters in decades. The other great character was not Don Armando but the gay designer Hugo Lombardi, who had an ego like few others.

connection between Ana Maria Orozco And Julian Arango (fashion designer) was said to have been married when the soap opera began filming. Whatever the case, the love between these two actors did not last long as they parted ways after a year of marriage and in the midst of television success.

Ana Maria Orozco and Julian Arango. Source: Twitter @ShowmundialShow

Definitely, “I’m Betty the Ugly One” This became a major scandal on the set of the film, as the former couple could not meet and had to film everything separately so as not to over-complicate things. Similarly, today the actors have overcome their differences and become good friends.

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