Watch Vanderpump Rules Online: Season 10 Episode 7

Which side did the team choose? On Vanderpump Rules Season 10 Episode 7, things took a turn when James revealed that he felt his friends were picking on Raquel over him. Meanwhile, a new man enters Lala’s life, but she finds herself contemplating whether there is a future. Elsewhere, things take a turn for Ariana … Read more

‘Daredevil’ Elektra actress ignites Marvel fandom with Instagram post

Image via Netflix / Disney Plus fans get fired after electra Actress, elodie yungrecently shared a post on his Instagram story indicating the return of his character Daredevil: Born Again. Yung is best known to Marvel fans for his appearance as the brutal assassin in the second season of Netflix’s Daring, she shared a post … Read more

‘Star Wars’ fans remain obsessed with nostalgia, but that can be forgiven in this case

via lucasfilm star wars Any mystery left over during the Skywalker Saga can often be accused of over-explaining, but for fans, there’s one loose thread they can’t help picking up. Solo: A Star Wars Story Crimson Dawn introduced the crime syndicate, led by Paul Bettany’s Dryden Vos with Emilia Clarke appearing as his trusted lieutenant … Read more

Latest sci-fi news: Ahmed Best returns to ‘Star Wars’ via a well-deserved ‘Mandalorian’ role

Image via star wars Fandom is highly toxic, so it’s not surprising to hear about the terrible treatment some of its artists have received over the years. all undeserved hatred star wars The worst may be over for the Giants, Ahmaud Best. he wasn’t as young as Jake Lloyd, but his star wars The … Read more

Exclusive Interview: ‘The Last of Us’ VFX House Shares Refreshing Honesty on Industry Shortages

Image via DNEG / HBO HBO’s last of us The show was a monumental undertaking, both on set and in post-production, and with a universe as expansive as it is, we can’t help but wonder how much time and effort went into creating such visionary television. series, especially its visual effects. With more and more … Read more

Latest Marvel news: ‘Thunderbolts’ shoots no story to speak of just 3 months out as ‘Born Again’ big secret may be revealed

Image via Marvel Studios Miracle Studios have every right to exercise as much control over the content of their productions as possible, but there might be a difference between not spoiling fans and not telling the cast of a movie what they really got into. Are. yet, although by lightning remains a complete mystery even … Read more

Exclusive Interview: ‘The Last of Us’ Showrunners Value Realism Over Perfection

Image via DNEG / HBO hbo beautiful world last of us It’s also a painstakingly realistic take on what the world would hypothetically look like if society collapsed and the vast majority of humanity ceased to exist. This look is something that Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann were extremely mindful of when overseeing the show’s … Read more

Marvel Studios reportedly pushing back Disney Plus schedule

(Photo via John Koploff/Getty Images) Things don’t seem to be looking good marvel studios It was recently announced that a handful of future Marvel Disney Plus content would be pushed back. This comes after the announcement that Marvel Studios’ president of physical production, post-production, VFX and animation, Victoria Alonso was fired. Disney and Marvel Studios … Read more

Exclusive Interview: How ‘The Last of Us’ VFX Team Tackled the Challenge of Bringing Green to Life in Long-Destroyed Cities

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A Million Little Things recap: Gary confronts a deep family rift for the sake of his young son

oh you thought a million little things‘ Gary had sorted out all his complicated feelings about his family After going to Brooklyn to watch his estranged mother play and having a talk with his father about a name change? think again! This week’s episode finds Gary awaiting the arrival of his father’s sister, Inez. Gary … Read more