Terelu Campos reveals how she met her brother

The existence of this relative was discovered three years ago.

terelu campos spoke louder and louder and went privacy aside which has characterized him in relation to his father’s brother, a subject which until recently was secret, since Its existence was not known. You must return by September 2020; In full confrontation between him and his sister, Carmen Borrego, In save meAntonio David Flores, who was then part of the Space Collaborators group, Great family secret revealed.

Pointing to this, the former Civil Guard said, “Let him talk to Málaga about his brother.” unknown structure. Since then, not much has been revealed in this regard, but the story has taken a 180-degree turn at the behest of Terelu Campos, who pronounced at the end sharing new details like this how do you know This member of your family.

“I was with my mother during Holy Week in Malaga. He introduced us to my brother who was watching the procession.” I start by saying readings, in his weekly blog. In the aforementioned medium, she assures that both she and her sister, Carmen Borrego, came Submit for “a DNA test” To confirm that he shared blood relation with that man named José María Borrego from his father’s side. Regarding the process of finding out whether it was his brother, he indicates that it was a special moment: “When those tests gave 98.9% or 99.8%, because the numbers dance to me, It’s a very special feeling.” Decision.

In lines written by Alejandra Rubio’s mother Consider and maintains that “children must contribute to restoring what our parents were able to do wrong in a jiffy of his life. Terelu and Carmen have taken this step forward because they know that one of the worst things in this life There is “uncertainty”. “Knowing that there is a part of your identity that you are not aware of, that puts a dent in your life. I have to thank my mother for how generous she was always With this theme”, explains Terelu Campos.

Regarding how the meeting with her brother went, she assures that she was nervous. “He introduced us normally. We don’t talk about anyone, least of all my father. We observed each other, because it was something natural”, he says. In this way, Terelu Campos has opened up on the channel in one of his most in-depth interviews.

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