The battle to name the single most intense scene in Marvel history narrows down to two top-tier contenders

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there’s no denying it marvel studios It’s great at what it does, or at least it was largely the case prior to the Multiverse Saga, which led to an outburst of nostalgia that more often than not overwhelms even the most devoted of supporters, but Outright nail-biting intensity isn’t something you often get from the franchise.

Kevin Feige’s outfit cornered the market on spectacular superpower showdowns, pithy put-downs, witty banter and a CGI-filled third act finale that turns the screen into pixels, but it’s not often you find yourself You will be able to watch anything from the company that is capable of generating genuine heart throbs and sweaty palms.

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There are only a handful of scenes and moments worthy of such praise, though, and one Reddit thread narrowed it down to a pair of top-tier contenders. On the one hand, you have the disturbingly intense scene of the police station jessica jones‘ in the first season episode “AKA Top Shelf Perverts” in which Kilgrave takes command of the entire compound and threatens to kill them all himself, so Krysten Ritter’s protagonist goes on with her plan to go to her childhood home, Which leads to his delightful and perverted family dynamic.

on the other hand, is jaw-dropping Spider-Man: Homecoming The revelation where Tom Holland’s Peter Parker learns that his date’s father is none other than Michael Keaton’s Adrian Toomes leads to their nail-biting exchange in the backseat of a car.

Of course, we’re not saying these are the only two worthy of consideration, but it can’t be argued that each ranks among the very best of the entire Marvel Studios era when it comes to unnerving horror.

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