The bombshell announcement from the director of ‘Pasapalabara’ that clarifies Orestes’ future

215,400 Euros were taken in ‘Paspalbra’ orestes the barber home after being the longest-serving contestant on the show antenna 3, OrestesOn 16 March, he appeared on screen for the last time while his rival Rafa Castaño celebrated the biggest jackpot in history. ‘Password’ (over 2.2 million Euros) after Roscoe completed the final in one meeting.

Since then, Orestes He has spoken out on a few occasions and has done so to vent his frustration and take to Twitter to ask his followers to report his Instagram account. More than two months have passed since the broadcast of the victory of the director of Rafa Castaño and ‘Password’Miguel Aparicio has opened the door for a comeback Orestes Antena 3 for the competition.

According to ‘Formula TV’ in an interview with the director of ‘Password’Orestes will return to the contest at some point.

«Orestes, let’s see…, he spent a year and a half here. walk of fame ‘Password’, he’s an amazing contestant and we want him back, but we can’t bring him back next week because… imagine how many people in ‘casting’ waiting for their opportunity to come and go and ‘this guy again, ‘ But hey ‘. Besides, right now, I don’t think Orestes, After these circumstances, I had real strength to come because it is very difficult for you to spend a year and a half on the verge of taking big money, not on this day, and not even on this day … It is very difficult, very stressful. I don’t think he even wanted to. But, come on, apparently, at some point Orestes I should go back to the program,” he says. miguel aparicio,

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