The ‘Boy Meets World’ Star Has Officially Announced A Run For Congress, Because Why Not

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A staple of the long-forgotten childhood favorite is venturing into politics.

ben savagewho played the lead role in ABC boy meets world, Running for Congress. The 42-year-old star hosted the Coming of Age comedy series from 1993 until 2000, when it concluded. He also returned in the role of Cory Matthews in the 2014 reboot of the show, girl meets worldwhich ran for three seasons and ended in 2017. The former child star has been seen consistently in various television shows in the years since, including still king And HomelandAnd with the recent news, fans are realizing they’ve discovered a new passion: politics.

Savage is making the transition from comedy to Congress. His intention to run for US Senator Dianne Feinstein’s seat, which is currently held by Rep. Adam Schiff, was made clear when Savage filed preliminary paperwork to move things forward. According to Deadline, if he is successful in his bid for Feinstein’s seat, the younger Savage brother will secure California’s 30th District seat.

Savage outlined his intention to join Congress via a post on Instagram, in which he shared that he is running for a seat “because it is fair, innovative, and effective for our country’s most pressing issues.” Time to restore faith in the government by offering compassionate solutions.” Stating that “it is time for new and passionate leaders who can help move our country forward,” Savage explained that he is among this new force of leaders who “keep government operating at maximum potential.” political divisions and special interests.”

This isn’t Savage’s first brush with politics. The Chicago native interned for former US Senator Arlen Specter in 2003 as part of her political science studies, and even made a bid for a seat on the West Hollywood City Council. He failed in his attempts to grab a seat, but Savage clearly has his eyes on bigger and better things. The leap to a full-on run is certainly a tough one for Congress, but one Savage is all set to take on.

On the website for his congressional run, Savage promised, via a straightforward slogan, that “Together, we can do better.” He also promises to focus on combating the homeless, affordable housing, reinvigorating the economy and organized labor, protecting communities and protecting the environment, according to his “priorities” section.

Savage’s run for Congress has just begun, so we’re sure there’ll be a lot more to see boy meets world actor in the coming weeks and months. Should he secure a seat, he would add to the ongoing trend of film and television stars transitioning to politics. That’s not to say that a debut on screen doesn’t make for a great political figure, but only time will tell whether Savage is up to the task.

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