The Day the Kalimba Broadcast a Possible Love Triangle by Eric Rubin

a new controversy surrounds Eric Rubin And it took only a few hours for the facts to go viral on social networks, where Internet users already have a theory that will respond to a strong comment with which their allies Kalimba would appear to the singer himself that he actually lived a love triangle, Of course, what attracts public attention is that this affair takes place in the midst of the scandal that surrounds Timbiriche’s ex, Andrea Legarreta, with whom he decided to separate five months ago, and Appio Quijano.

Since the couple released a statement to talk about their separation after more than two decades of marriage, a Video in which during a concert of the “90’s Pop Tour” a Eric Rubin and Apio Aquino Starring a controversial meeting that was quickly classified as an attempted kiss on stage and although the recording caused a stir at the time, it has now taken an unexpected turn. Well, network users have begun to spread rumors in which it is speculated that the singer may have been unfaithful with Andrea Legaretta, a member of Kaba, or that they are in a relationship.

What is known about this statement? (Photo: IG @erikrubinoficial)

Although everyone involved has come out to deny the rumours, the issue continues to give people something to talk about and there will be an alleged new test this Sunday that will confirm a love triangle The singer lived and the statement caught the attention of the entertainment world because it was what Kalimba Who did it during an episode of “Pinky’s Promise”. Of course, during their revelation, Mia and Nina’s father was also present and one action would have confirmed everything the OV7 singer said.

Love triangle or infidelity? This is what happened

It was on Tiktok where the video started circulating Kalimba channeled Eric Rubin’s alleged love triangle, Well, in the famous “I never” segment, the singer of “Se Te Olvido” broadcasts a strong secret by asking who were the only people who had two partners at the same time and were together on the same day.

“I never jump from a couple’s bed to my other partner’s bed in the same day; yes, you have two and say ‘Today I was with one, now I’m going there,'” he explained. KalimbaWhile Andrea Legaretta’s ex kept smiling a lot and drank from his glass in the most discreet way.

That’s how Eric Rubin drank to give himself up. (Photo: Screenshot)

Fans have asked that more details of the events be shared, as speculation has piqued the interest of many amid the ongoing controversy surrounding the singer, his family and Apio Quijano; however, Kalimba He made one last remark, with which it would be known that this is not about the recent, but about the past which is already well known. love triangle which included Paulina Rubio already Alejandra Guzman. And that after the above, he concluded: “And that he made me sing and so on.”

It should be recalled that this love affair is very popular and continues in addition to leaving behind songs such as “Hey guerra” by Alejandra Guzmán and “Es hombre es mio” by Paulina Rubio, who released songs after being with Legarreta. . East. Despite this, the actor’s sharp comment has already piqued the interest of several TikTok users, who are convinced that there could be another hidden story about which there is still a lot to be known.

“Kalimba knows more than us, kalimba now tell us more“, reads the publication; while other users did not hesitate to recall that this love triangle was not a revelation, as it refers precisely to the case of the singers who hinted to each other for these two songs “(It’s because of) ‘mio’ and ‘he guerra'”, “Eric likes to be talked to about that…he feels young again”, “he has talent , but nothing else has been said about him in relation to that subject”, “With Alejandra Guzmán and Paulina Rubio” and “Imagine he is her friend and she throws you upside down”, are some of the comments on the publication .

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