The Dharmendra-Amjad Khan controversy and the iconic dialogue from Sholay was born.

Mumbai, March 15- On August 15, 1975, a film came in the history of Bollywood, which the audience never gets bored, no matter how many times it is seen. The name of this movie is Sholay. In this film, the characters of Jai, Veeru, Thakur, Gabbar and Bansati still rule the minds of the audience. This is the reason that even today people are eager to know any story related to this film. The dialogues of this film are on the tongue of the people. But there is a dialogue in this film, which was not there in the film. What is the story, we are going to know about it.

The famous dialogue ‘Basanti in Mukaas Ke Saamne Mat Nachna’ from the film Sholay was not in the script itself. Might not believe it but it’s true. This dialogue is the result of Dharmendra’s anger. After all, what was Dharmendra angry about? There is a story hidden behind this too.

This made Dharmendra angry

There was a big gap between Gabbar’s Adda and Thakur’s Haveli in Sholay. But in reality Gabbar’s hideout was behind Thakur’s house. The shooting of the film started, a scene was being shot on Amjad Khan. Dharmendra was tied at that time. At that time, Gabbar i.e. Amjad Khan speaks the dialogue that, ‘Hey O Samba… Uccha toh jara gunk aur laga nishana is dog par’. After this Dharmendra’s anger cools down fast and Ramesh Sippy says that he is upset with it.

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It is mentioned in the book ‘Hach Maja Marg’

This story is told in Sachin Pilgaonkar’s book ‘Hach Maja Marg’. He has said in this that Dharmendra told Ramesh Sippy that how can this new actor call me a dog. Amjad Khan was a newcomer at that time. He had worked in a few films but did not get the recognition he deserved.

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Dharmendra was quite upset with this. He thought, how can a budding artist call you a dog? Ramesh Sippy tried to convince him a lot. He told Dharmendra that Amjad did not call you a dog, then why are you angry. On this Dharmendra had said that the audience would not like it at all. Everyone understood Dharmendra but he was not ready to listen to anyone. Finally he ended it.

Dharmendra created a dialogue like this

Dharmendra called Ramesh Sippy and asked that if I call him a dog, should I also answer him in the same way.. After this Ramesh Sippy also flared up and said say whatever you want to say.. then what was Dharmendra’s dialogue, you don’t dance

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