The Fire Hunters anime gets a second season

Official Twitter account for the television anime reiko hinata And akihiro yamada‘S the fire hunter ,hikari no o) The fantasy novel series announced on Saturday with a teaser video that the production for the second season has been greenlit. The 10th and last episode of the first season also premiered on Saturday.

The first season premieres January 14 at 10:30PM (8:30AM EST) on the premium subscription television channel Wow, Crunchyroll Streaming anime airing in Japan.

The cast of the anime includes:

Junji Nishimura ,Ranma ½, You’re Under Arrest: The Motion Picture, true Tears, Vladlovdirecting the anime ,Recovering an MMO addict, nap princess, the wonderland), And Mamoru Oishi ,Ghost in the Shell, fairy egg, Jin-Roh – Wolf Brigade, Blood: The Last Vampire, Vladlov) is supervising and writing the script.

The story of the novel series is set in the world of the chaotic aftermath of humanity’s apocalyptic final war. A large forest, infested with flame creatures and other fallen animals, covers the world, and pockets of humanity live in small protected communities. Due to a special weapon used in a previous war, humans spontaneously burst into flames even when close to a small source of fire. The only safe energy source for humanity lies within the bodies of volcanoes, and the duty of hunting them down falls to the sickle-wielding firecatchers who brave the depths of the great forest. Among the Firecatchers, they whisper about a man who will be the “Firecatcher Lord”, a man who will be able to cut off the fire of the Thousand Year Comet, the “Wandering Spark” that has flown across the sky since it was sent up is from before the last war, but is now returning to Earth.

The story begins with Tōko, a young girl from a paper-making town, who finds herself in a forbidden forest, attacked by flames, when a flamecatcher rushes to her defense. Elsewhere, a young boy born in the capital, named Koshi, shelters his younger sister after losing his mother to the factory’s poison.

Hinata illustrated the first book in the series in December 2018. twelve states Illustrator and rahxphon character designer akihiro yamada, Hinata published the fourth book in the series on September 3, 2020, followed by a side-story volume on December 21, 2021.

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