The formula that made The First Time the biggest hit on Netflix

After being a part of the successful series, the actor is expected to shine on the screen again. There’s no doubt that the platform serves as a springboard

Mateo Garcia had no hope of winning the casting before finding out he was going to be ‘Rodrigo Arbelez’ in the Netflix series, ‘The First Time’, it was his manager who called him to tell him the news was , But one was good and the other bad. He was sure that his acting debut was about to be postponed, but the result was that he charmed the producers and they chose him to be a part of the project that would go on to become a success.

Much of the production’s recognition was thanks to his role. He is not the protagonist, but he is an important part of the group of friends of the main character ‘Camilo Granados’. His job is to mediate between all the craziness of his classmates. Fond of music and focused on his tasks, he is one of the most loved characters in the series.

Netflix was not afraid to bet on young and amateur talents to make its production more realistic, you just have to look at the cast of the series and most of its actors are not widely known, as is the case with Mateo.

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His real self is no different from the one on screen. In an interview with Las2orillas, Mateo Garcia reveals his most human side, a face in which emotions and dreams are reflected in his eyes and smile. There is no doubt that Netflix was a real springboard for his career. She pushed him a little to make him believe he had what it takes to be an actor.

“I got the news that the role was mine, crying. My manager called me saying he had two news, one good and one bad. I swear the bad thing was I didn’t have the role, in the end it turned out it was good,” he said in the interview.

The Gringa platform not only gave him an opportunity to perform for the first time but also opened doors for him to be a part of other major streaming platforms like Amazon Prime Video. He knows this and that’s why he hasn’t stopped working to master the art of acting ever since the recording of The First Time ended.

“Thanks to this project, I got the opportunity to make a film for Dago Garcia Productions. I have also met amazing people and today I am very focused on my career, and there are many blessings on top of that.”

Although Matteo is working on new projects, he does not want to reveal them. It is clear that, like the first time on screen, he wants to surprise those who follow him with his performance and possibly in new aspects.

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