The giraffe from The Last of Us isn’t animatronic, it’s real. His name is Nabo, he is 12 years old and is over 5 meters tall

So far we bring you the first season of The Last of Us. The HBO series has said goodbye and now all we have to do is wait for a new batch of episodes adapting the events of the second game. Of course, on the streaming platform he has left us a new piece of material in the form of a documentary.

Spoilers: From this moment the plot of the series and the video game will be discussed without any filter.

This time we don’t see a story based on the Naughty Dog universe, but a classic behind the scenes reveal that How some of the most iconic scenes were created, Regarding the ninth episode, production designer John Peno spoke with Variety and discussed how some of the scenarios came to be.

The mention of Joel and Ellie’s encounter with a giraffe in Salt Lake City is what fans are most looking forward to. While it may sound unbelievable, a real giraffe was used along with some VFX effects, as both Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey were not actually in a ruined building. “I’m sure Alex Wang, the visual effects supervisor, could do a CGI giraffe if we had the time,” explains Peno.

“We needed to see if we could introduce the giraffe to strangers, with a very small film crew there. There were indoor enclosures with a balcony and an outdoor space where keepers kept an eye on it. The trainers worked to get it. To eat them out of a stranger’s hand. So when Ellie and Joel go on set, there’s a giraffe eating those food sticks. It’s Hollywood magic with Alex teaching giraffes separates them and puts them on our sets. This was probably the most creative location, set, and most complex VFX location I’ve ever worked on”

Giraffe is not a complete stranger. His name is Nabo, he is 12 years old, just over five meters tall and belongs to the Calgary Zoo, Canada. It is a male belonging to the Masai subspecies.Also called Kilimanjaro Giraffe and currently we can find it only in Kenya and Tanzania.

the hospital was real

While we might imagine that the hospital where Joel commits the massacre would be a different set to shoot some of the scenes, nothing could be further from the truth. Pano clarifies that they actually used an abandoned hospital to shoot the scenes. last of us,

“Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann both wanted to follow the game closely, going through locations and routes with Joel. It was our job to do that, but we ended up finding an abandoned hospital outside of downtown Calgary. We wanted to make sure were that when Joel arrives at the pediatric ward the murals in the game are similar. I thought it would be interesting to have lots of lights for the job, the kind you’d find on a construction site, and strings of lights. That setup was a Gives off a dark, moody vibe.

Finally, the person in charge explains that the plastic elements placed in the aisle “a sign when infected flood society When bitten or sick people were brought in and separated. We included him in several places, but you only see it once in the final cut.”

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