The highly commented photo of him with Clara Chia in the midst of a war with Shakira for her children

Footballer, the day he retired from Barcelona Football Club

Four months have passed, four, since the first and last picture of Gerard Piqué with Clara Chia, Although the former Barcelona Football Club player’s activity on social networks has never been particularly fluid (his publications have always been limited to professional content and the occasional selfie), the absence of his girlfriend in his feed was striking. has been published till then. her first picture with himHalf the planet was already chanting phrases like “Wolf like me ain’t for people like you”.

This ‘feature’ of Shakira with Bizrap in which both him and his girl had no choice but to take the hint “obviously” had already held the world’s Top 1 for a couple of weeks. Therefore, many people interpreted this mudra as an answer, a way of publicly claiming that their love was above what they would say, And now, when the relationship between Barranquilla and Catalan is once again completely timely, history repeats itself, With another song in between.

Piqué’s long-awaited second photo with Clara Chia

Artist’s latest music release ‘Acrostico’ features Milan and Sasha collaboration, two children that she shares with the footballer. In both the song and the video clip, where the minors are the protagonists, we hear how all three of them tell of their experience with a painful move and a family fracture that has united them more than ever. and this performance of both, bearing in mind that Gerard may not have been informed of their involvement in the matter, Marked a “before and after” in his strained relationship with Shakira,

Shakira darts in piqué with her kids in her last song

Although his lawyer has assured that the two have made peace, information has been leaking this week about Piqué’s alleged anger at how his children are involved in this musical ‘vengeance’ from his ex-partner. “She is in shock. She has talked to her lawyer about what can be done about it.”, declared a source to the companions of ‘it is already noon’ from their surroundings. He doesn’t want to rule on the issue for the time being which has once again become a national debate. But His last post, which we talked about earlier And it looks just like the one she shared at the beginning of the year, can be interpreted as the answer,

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia, very cute, hug, with mobile in hand while he’s posing shirtless with evening light in front, It could be the caption of a photo they wanted to comment on with an orange heart. Within hours, the post has already garnered over a million likes and hundreds of thousands of comments. And one of those opinions is repeated over and over again: “Every time Shakira trends, she uploads a photo with Clara. Coincidence? I don’t think so”,

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