‘The Last of Us’: 10 behind-the-scenes photos so you don’t miss Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey

To soothe the gloom that ‘The Last of Us’ season finale represents, take a look at these behind-the-scenes images that encapsulate the great work environment, the creators’ planning and the actors’ commitment.

sure, the end of the first season of last of us aired the same night as the Oscars (where the big winner everything everywhere at the same time), But That didn’t stop fans of the HBO adaptation who were run over by Craig Mazin And Neil Druckmannthey will eat the last chapter Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey)’s odyssey in a hopeless landscape.

in addition to asking questions like who is the father of ellie one of two why the girl is immune to cordycepsThe season one finale set, according to an HBO press release, “another high ratings Sunday night with 8.2 million viewers.”

Overall, the first six episodes of the series averaged 30.4 million viewers and “It was the most viewed in both Europe and Latin America in the history of HBO Max”so take it house of the dragon,

Once the first season is over, we can be sure last of us This is one of the best series of 2023. From the post-apocalyptic world building to the subtle and patient development of the layered characters, the show has impressed critics and audiences alike. It was accompanied by excellent narration and notable directorial work from some filmmakers such as Ali Abbasi (bleeding spider) and Jasmila Zbanic (What plain, Ada?,

In addition, the series—which starred Nico Parker, Anna Torv, Merle Dandridge, Melanie Lynskey, and Storm Reid, among others— broke the video game curse and became the rare adaptation to match the high quality of its source material. And with The Last of Us being one of the most acclaimed video games of all time, that’s no small feat.

While some may be sad that the first season is over, they’ll just have to wait and be patient., The second season has already been given the green signal and even the makers have given hints to think that this fictional universe will be expanded for a third part.

This would be in line with the way HBO has been developing its audiovisual products in recent years. last of us represents the latest link in a long chain of successes that started with game of Thrones and continued with house of the dragon, succession, White lotus And time to win.

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