‘The Last of Us’ creator Neil Druckmann reveals the drastic steps it took to execute that one scene in Episode 8

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HBO’s last of us No expense was spared to ensure that some of the game’s visuals make their way onto the screen without compromise. And the same can be said for episode eight, where show runner and video game developer, Neil Druckmann Made sure a certain scene in the game makes it into the show. But it also didn’t enable him to see the gameplay where the scene originated

Sony Global released their part two manufacturer to manufacturer series, titled “The Last of Us Cast and Creators on Violence and Shoot-Delaying Laughs”, where Pedro Pascal, Bela Ramsey, Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin sat together in a roundtable-like position and talked about the show. At this, Druckmann revealed that he wanted the reunion between Joel and Ellie and the events leading up to it to be “as good as, if not better than, the game.” So their solution, they avoided looking at the gameplay of the original sequel.

And his solution worked. Druckmann revealed that the David sequence, where Ellie kills David during their final confrontation, was “more brutal” and “more disturbing” than in the games. Druckmann shared how nervous he was to adapt that scene to the screen because of “some fans’ expectations”. So they made sure that not only did the visuals stay true to the game, but also throw people off, especially those who had played the game before.

“I actually avoided watching the dailies for that sequence. I don’t think I’ve ever told you this. And somehow, the David sequence is more brutal than the game, it’s more disturbing, it’s harder to watch. As someone who’s familiar with the game, you’d sure expect Joel to come right there and grab Ellie, and he doesn’t. And you’re like, “Okay, what’s up?” It just throws you off.

While the scene remained true to the source material (with some adjustments), it was also revealed that some scenes were changed in episode eight. Most notably, the steakhouse scene and how they want Joel to save Ellie “emotionally” rather than physically in this episode. So the fact that Ellie butchers David and only Joel from the moment they meet, Druckmann may be right in how brutal this scene really is, especially for the events leading up to it.

episode 8 of last of us Available to stream on HBO Max.

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