The Last of Us episode 9 trailer teases the season finale

One of the most acclaimed shows of 2023 is almost over. After a great run of episodes, last of us will conclude its first season with a bang this Sunday night. In the trailer for Episode 9, Joel (the mandalorian Pedro Pascal from season 3) and Ellie (game of Thrones’ Bella Ramsey) makes her final trek to Salt Lake City to meet a group of fireflies that may be able to cure Cordyceps infections. As Ellie tells Joel in the footage, “There’s no halfway to this. Let’s finish what we started.”

Video game fans will see a familiar face in the Episode 9 trailer. Ashley Johnson, who played Ellie in the video game, will play Anna, Ellie’s mother, in episode 9. Tense footage shows Ana writhing in pain as she tries to save an infected woman.

Episode 9 Preview | The Last of Us | hbo max

In last of us Episode 8, Ellie continues to care for Joel, who is recovering from his stab wounds received at the end of Episode 6. While hunting for food, Eli meets David, a preacher and leader of a group of settlers in a neighboring town. At first, David is polite and cordial to Eli, offering medicine for Joel in exchange for deer meat. Ellie learns that the man Joel killed was a member of David’s gang, and his followers seek revenge for the murder.

David captures Ellie and puts her in a cage while his henchmen attempt to kill Joel. Ellie is horrified to learn that David fed human flesh to his followers. When David offers her the chance to join the settlement and begin a relationship with him, Ellie refuses and breaks her finger. before David and his partner James (voice of Troy Baker, Joel last of us video game) to torture her, Ellie kills James and hides in a steakhouse. David finds Ellie and attempts to rape her, but the young girl grabs a meat cleaver and stabs David repeatedly. Joel, who killed the followers who went after him, is finally reunited with a stunned Ellie, comforting her as the two leave town.


last of us Episode 9 premieres Sunday, March 12 at 9PM ET. You can watch The Last of Us on HBO Max.

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