‘The Last of Us’ loses to obsessive Netflix thriller on Nielsen streaming charts

Image via HBO

HBO’s 2013 video game adaptation of Naughty Dog last of us has become a breakout juggernaut of television, but Nielsen’s most up-to-date viewership data shows it still has a little way to go before it can be crowned TV’s top-dog.

For the period February 6–12, the post-apocalyptic series starring Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey landed in third place on Nielsen’s Top 10 Streaming Programs (via Deadline). It still clocked an impressive 1.1 billion minutes behind new amsterdam at number two, and Netflix’s You In the top spot, that saw an astonishing 1.7 billion minutes.

Keep in mind, data for You Accounts for not just season four, part one – but the entire series. performed with this in mind last of us Still amazing.

viewership figures last of us It saw a week-to-week decline during this period, but recorded a record-high placement in the top ten since its mid-January debut. it will be interesting to see how last of us ends up moving against You Season four, part two, which is being watched as the HBO show continues to break viewership records week after week.

We’ll get the answer to the showdown between the two streaming flagships between the competing platforms when the respective streaming data gets hold of it sometime next month.

However, the fight is still going on here. You Season four, part two has landed on Netflix — and last of us will air its season finale on HBO Max this Sunday after its eighth episode.

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