‘The Last of Us’ star Pedro Pascal breaks Joel’s masculine archetype

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Warning: Spoilers ahead last of us To follow.

there’s a lot to love last of usFrom its masterful storytelling to its portrayal of television as a better storytelling medium than a game, and the way it manages to make our hearts swell with a million emotions before the proverbial knife is mercilessly stabbed . Really, there’s no denying it last of us Specializes in delivering goods.

And at the tip of the spear is the world’s new favorite man pedro pascalWhen it comes to bringing Joel Miller to life, his ability to mask real-life, phenomenal cinnamon roll energy is a testament to his talent as a performer.

Pascal may have had Troy Baker’s version of Joel from the original play as study material, but, as anyone who’s seen the show will point out, the actor has brought an incredibly fresh spin to the role, and He was more than happy to delve into it. character specifics during his recent appearances hot ones,

When asked about the balance between Joel’s soft humanity against his more rigid, survivalist traits, Pascal pointed to the arc that Joel experiences over the course of the show, noting how he initially feels the need to exist. when it is the very latter’s human connections that save her life, as Ellie does in the penultimate episode.

“There’s a funny thing about a very restricted exterior that’s typical of these kinds of male archetypes, I think; Don’t show your feelings, people will see that you are weak, survival is important, don’t let anyone in. develop human relations at least it’s not in his [Joel’s] Mana, the key to survival, only to find that he cannot live without it at any cost.

In fact, it may market itself as a zombie story, but last of us is ultimately a human story, and whether it is most evident through Joel’s lens or by simple observation of the world that these characters inhabit, from its place as one of the most important cultural influences to come out of modern media Can’t be denied.

last of us Available to stream on HBO Max, new episodes are released every Sunday until the show concludes on March 12. The second season has been announced.

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