The latest ‘Star Wars’ news: Fans get some disappointing Throne casting news and ‘The Bad Batch’ teases ‘The Mandalorian’ connection

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Once again we are on the eve of a new episode the mandalorianTomorrow’s third episode is likely to shed some major light on where the next season is headed. star WarS With fans eager for answers on the mythical mythosaur, we’re hoping to see some conflict over the Darksaber between Dain Jarrin and Bo-Katan, and potentially the long-awaited return of Giancarlo Esposito’s Moff Gideon.

But there’s more until he falls star wars News to chew on, though some fans are likely to be disappointed in a specific casting revelation.

Lars Mikkelsen Denies Himself Playing Live-Action Throne

Lars Mikkelsen actor in the film A Caretaker's Tale at the 60th International Film Festival of San Sebastian (Photo by Madeleine Claudel/Corbis via Getty Images)
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Grand Admiral Thrawn likely coming to Disney Plus in the flesh soon Ashoka, Despite filming completing and being in post-production, we still have no idea who will be playing the Imperial Tactical Genius many fans have been hoping for. star wars rebels Voice actor Lars Mikkelsen would follow Katee Sackhoff’s example and return to play her character in live-action.

Sadly, this does not appear to be happening. Mikkelsen was questioned on the role in an interview with Danish magazine Streamingguide (via The Direct) and was told that he was the fan-favourite for the casting. He replied:

“Well, I heard that, but I haven’t heard anything about it yet. They should have contacted me then, but they didn’t. So it must be someone else, unfortunately.

As if to twist the knife, he remarked that it “could have been fun” to play Thrawn in live-action, but as long as he doesn’t play his cards too close to his chest, it looks like Lucasfilm going with someone else. we don’t have a release date yet AshokaAlthough we expect a trailer soon after this season the mandalorian Wraps up Let’s hope whoever replaces Theron can do as good a job as Mikkelsen.

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bad batch And the mandalorian take place on either side of the original trilogy, with bad batch first and the mandalorian Later But eagle-eyed fans have noticed a very subtle connection between the two shows. in the twelfth and latest episode of bad batch We travel to a secret Imperial cloning facility on Mount Tantis. There we meet Emery Karr, a doctor with a very familiar insignia.

we have seen that the mandalorian season’s Dr. Pershing—who was eager to take Grogu’s blood for the incredibly powerful midi-chlorian count. So, what’s the link? Well, we don’t know right now, though maybe we’ll eventually get some real answers on the Imperial cloning plans and “somehow Palpatine got back”.

as you would expect, bad batchexecutive producer Brad Rau isn’t providing any answers, teasing only that it’s “not a coincidence” and that the animated show will “get into all of that.” So who knows, maybe we’ll get an unexpected Grugu cameo. bad batch Very soon.

die Hard the mandalorian Fan completes his Lego magnum opus

Screengrab from the Lego Mandalorian fan film
Image via AdrianTheGamePro

Finally a lesson for today why you should never underestimate anyone’s creativity star wars fans. One particularly dedicated individual spent a year working on Lego the mandalorian Animation that doesn’t look out of place when placed side by side the LEGO movie, But this isn’t some stop-motion creation, it’s the result of hours slaving over the 3D graphics program Blender.

Check it out:

Reactions have been universally positive, calling it a “work of art”, adding that we’ll see the creator in Hollywood, and (perhaps the highest praise of all), “seriously wondering what ‘The Lego Movie’ would have been if It would have been ‘The Lego Star Wars Movie.’ Incredible.” We can add this to the growing pile of impressive fan-made star wars project with classics like soldiers, sc 38 – reimaginedAnd Darth Maul: Apprentice.

tomorrow we will undoubtedly have a heap of heaps the mandalorian News to report. As always we’ll be burning the midnight oil and staying tuned to Disney Plus refreshes until the episodes release so we can get the latest coverage of what’s new in the world of Dina Zareen.

Until then, we’re going to gather up all the new information we can and start saying our prayers that we get some hot mythosaur action. see you tomorrow!

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