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Little is known about Ariel’s mother, however, one theory would prove who was the killer of ‘The Little Mermaid”s mother. According to one theory, Captain Hook of ‘Peter Pan’ will be responsible for the death of Queen Athena.

Hey, and where’s Ariel’s mom? There are a lot of dark theories surrounding all the Disney tapes, such as Moana Emily Day died during the storm toy story 2 Was she really Andy’s mom or what? Hercules and Ariel may be cousins. Now, with the release of the live-action the little Mermaid With Halle Bailey, Melissa McCarthy and Javier Bardem out (who have impressed the first few who have seen her) many wonder where Ariel’s mom is. AleThe answer to this big question has a shadowy connection Peter Pan,

It is believed that the ship that caused the death of Queen Athena, Ariel’s mother, was piloted by Captain Hook., According to a netizen, some clues can be found in the animated film Peter Pan When the boy who can fly and never grows up takes Wendy to see the mermaids, they play a practical joke on the little girl. Apparently, the place where the mermaids live is a place Peter visits quite often.

If we notice, we can see that there is one mermaid with red hair and a green tail that stands out from the rest., Her physical appearance is very similar to that of Athena, the wife of King Triton. Shortly after this scene, when Peter Pan sees Captain Hook approaching the scene with his giant ship, the mermaids flee in terror. Mermaids being afraid of Hook may be a sign that he has scared them before, which is why mermaids are afraid of him.

it connects to tape The Little Mermaid 3: The Beginning of Ariel, where we learn a little more about his family history. In the film we see Athena, who is very similar to her daughter, Ariel. Athena dies tragically during her wedding anniversary when a pirate ship approaches the place where mermaids live. When one of the mermaids becomes trapped, Athena decides to rescue her and, by chance, retrieves a special music box. In the end, the queen is crushed to death by the ship and thus Triton begins to hate humans.

Looking at Queen Athena’s resemblance to a mermaid Peter PanFans have speculated that the ship responsible for his death was the same ship as Captain Hook., Murdering the Queen of the Seven Seas would be a task that Hook would do, as the evil pirate isn’t afraid to harm others, and even enjoys instilling fear in his enemies. Although no one from Disney has confirmed this theory, it is one of the most popular on social networks and many fans already believe it to be true.

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