The live-action movie “And Yet, You Are So Sweet” has released a “Special Video.”

Video requests that viewers avoid from imitating the love gestures of the characters while at the theatre.

Monday saw the release of a brand-new “special video” for the live-action adaptation of Kujira Anan’s manga And Yet, You Are So Sweet (Na no ni, Chigira-kun ga Amasugiru). In the video, characters from the movie exhibit several actions that moviegoers should refrain from carrying out in the theatre, such as lying down on someone’s lap or paying close attention to a crush’s face rather than the movie. (The parody video mocks the “manner videos” that Japanese movie theatres show to its patrons to remind them of what not to do while viewing movies.)

Heroine Maaya Kisaragi is portrayed by Mei Hata (live-action Wasteful Days of High School Girls, right in the image to the right), and Sui Chigira is portrayed by Kyhei Takahashi (BL Metamorphosis, left), a member of the Naniwa Danshi idol unit.

Rihito Itagaki as Sma Tezuka, Riko as Chika Obara, Yumena Yanai as Hina, Miu Suzuki as Momo, and Runa Nakajima as Miyu Hanasaki are among the other cast members.

The live-action movie "And Yet, You Are So Sweet" has released a "Special Video."
The live-action movie “And Yet, You Are So Sweet” has released a “Special Video.”

The movie will premiere on March 3 in Japan.

The movie is being directed by Takehiko Shinj, with a screenplay by Haruka Kita. The movie is being released through Shochiku. “Special Kiss,” the movie’s theme song, is sung by Naniwa Danshi.

The manga is being made available digitally by Kodansha USA Publishing under a licence. According to the business, the manga is

Maaya Kisaragi, 16, finally admitted to her crush, only to be categorically rejected and mocked online as a result. Even worse, Chigira-kun, the most popular boy in her grade, overheard her moaning in defeat over the entire situation. He offers her comfort and an unexpected remedy to her heartbreak instead of making fun of her.
The manga was started by Anan and is still being published today in Dessert by Kodansha. On June 13, Kodansha released the seventh volume of the manga’s compilation book. On October 18, Kodansha USA Publishing released the sixth volume in English.

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