‘The Mandalorian’ drops a goofy reference to one of the most iconic ‘Star Wars’ lines

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This article contains spoilers the mandalorian Season 3, Episode 3

This week, the mandalorian Pershing turned into the show, with most episodes focusing on Omid Abtahi, the clone-happy scientist struggling to fit into the New Republic’s imperial resettlement plan. It’s safe to say that he’s not having a good time by the end of the episode, with his denied trip inside a Star Destroyer not quite what it seems.

Her adventures ended with her being strapped into an incredibly creepy mind-wiping device that would cure her of her royal conditioning. Pershing was not exactly enthusiastic, protesting that he had been drawn into their secret visit, saying, “It was a trap!”

In a highly funny twist, he’s saying that to a perky mon calimari scientist, which must be a sly allusion to Admiral Ackbar’s memetic line return of the jedi: “This is a trap!”

citing a star wars‘ The funniest lines in a scene that’s actually pretty awful is a funny twist, and we have to imagine Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau were kidding themselves when they realized they could get away with this.

star wars Fans were quick to spot the link:

You can’t find a reference like ours in the past!

For most of the episode, we assumed it was all leading up to the reveal of Moff Gideon, confirmed to be somewhere out there in the galaxy. We’re guessing Pershing is still “somehow” going into “Palpatine Returns,” but given the intensity of the brain-washer, it looks like he’s going to be doing less complex science and more finger painting in the near future. Used to be. Future.

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