‘The Mandalorian’ star Katee Sackhoff defends Jar Jar Binks as her favorite ‘Star Wars’ character

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Even though his reputation has mellowed somewhat over time, you’d be hard-pressed to find Jar Jar Binks as anyone’s favorite. star wars Character. Yet, these people somehow exist. may be the most important katie sackhoff – who plays bow-knife in the hit Disney Plus show the mandalorian,

in a recent episode inside disney podcast, Sackhoff somehow objectively defends his love of an incredibly annoying character. To each his own, we guess. Here’s what he had to say about the prequel’s much-loved character.

“I think he’s funny, and his childlike glee is really funny to me. And he’s all about making people’s lives easier, but he does the exact opposite. He really just wants to be helpful.” But he’s awesome. Yeah, I love him. I think he’s so cute.

Well, that’s amazing. It makes sense when she puts it that way. Jar Jar meant no harm to anyone, he was just being angry in spite of himself. never thought the day would come when anyone actually saw the character the way George Lucas intended, much less 24 years after he was introduced Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace,

Sackhoff’s character Bo-Katan exists in the same universe as Jar Jar, and he made a sad appearance. the mandalorianseason 3 premiere, where she’s in a very different place than when we last saw her. in an interview with deadline, she revealed what had happened in the time between seasons. Here’s what he said:

“She’s had time to lose all her people. They’re not following her anymore, which means she’s not a leader without the Darksaber, but she doesn’t know how to get the Darksaber in a way that She doesn’t lose her people. That means she’s not leaving – we have six episodes left. It’s just that we’re at this impasse in this first episode. She can’t see a way out that she hasn’t already taken and who has not failed him.

Oh, and one more thing. She was asked if she would be in the upcoming star wars original series Ashoka,

“I can’t reveal anything. But, no, I’m not in right now.” Ashoka.Regardless, Bo-Katan has a better chance of becoming someone’s favorite. star wars character than Jar Jar. However, we may have to wait yet another 24 years to find out.

the mandalorian Season 3 is streaming on Disney Plus. New episodes will be released on Wednesdays.

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