‘The Mandalorian’ Upends Dyn Jarren’s Future With A High Chance Of A Powerful Betrayal He Won’t See Coming

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Warning: The following article contains spoilers the mandalorian Season three episode three.

Deen Zareen’s life has never been easy, and the mandalorian has been consistently supporting this fact since season three began. looking at the third episode of star wars series, it’s becoming more and more clear that his future isn’t going to be bright either, as the current series of events is setting the faithful Mandalorian up for a major betrayal in the not-too-distant future.

Ever since Mando inadvertently won the Darksaber from Moff Gideon, fans have been waiting with bated breath for Bo-Katan’s retaliation. By tradition, she can only become ruler of Mandalore – and only if – she wins the weapon in a duel, and Mando robs her of the chance she has sought for years.

On the surface, Bo-Katan has been very aloof about the whole situation, and being humbled even saved him. star wars‘ Latest damsel in distress. But it’s become clear that she’s up to something shady, and episode three made it impossible to misinterpret her seemingly malicious intentions.

Yes, Bo-Katan is loyal, but his ambition to become the new ruler of Mandalore far outweighs his principles. The flames of her current theory eventually fanning Mando’s backstabbing to get the Darksaber from the very first episode, when he told her where the Living Waters were on Mandalore.

It felt like a setup because it came from someone as resourceful as Bo-Katan – it’s hard to believe she didn’t already know about the danger she was facing – and it all ended with Mando Gaya needed him to come to his rescue, effectively putting him in debt.

In fact, if we really reason with the entire rescue sequence in episode two, Bo-Katan is now the true master of the Darksaber – the cyborg-like creature overpowered Mando, who unwittingly made him the weapon’s new wielder, And then he was defeated by Bo-Katan, who in turn transferred ownership of the Darksaber to him.

And now, episode three… well, it’s overflowing with hints that Bo-Katan plans to double-cross the ever-reliable Mando:

  • She deliberately hides the truth about her not being a myth from Dina, who was quietly sitting on the stairs next to the Living Waters. Was she planning to use the knowledge to her advantage?
  • TIE fighters ambush them out of nowhere and then destroy Bo-Katan’s home base. Even though she knew they were more than her, she continued to follow them. Was it because she knew that Din would seek refuge with her tribe and destroyed her temporary home only to ensure that she took him with her?
  • He reveals about Deen intentionally drowning in the living water and how he swooped in to save her. She already knew that by Creed, a Mandalorian who drowns himself in the Living Waters is instantly redeemed. How many times have we seen him wear a helmet unless he’s in a one-on-one fight? And yet, she keeps it going after saving Din. Is it because she knew it was the only way the Armorer and the cult would accept her?

It’s quite possible that his original plan was just to obtain the Darksaber, but when he saw the Mythosaur, his hopes for the mighty Mandalore to flourish again rose. But with her comrades gone, she needs an army of loyal warriors to support her, and who better than the members of the Child of the Watch to be her new force?

At this point, it is becoming more and more clear that this is not the case, but rather When Bo-Katan will betray Din Zareen.

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