the money he made from anti pique songs

singer Shakira and Karol G. He has published this Friday the song “TQG” (“You were big”), in the lyrics of which his followers see new allusions to his ex-companion, the former Spanish football player. Gerard Piqué and Puerto Rican rapper Annul AA, respectively.

In the song, Shakira says, “You’re going out looking for food, and I’m thinking it was monotony.”

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and the future?

He also assures: “I’m sorry to see you with the new one, but I’m ‘set’ for my talk / I forget what we went through, that’s what offended you”, a letter that was posted on social media. On the Network is understood as a direct nod to Piqué, who has become a source of inspiration for his latest songs following the emotional breakup.

as well as Shakira (barranquilla1977) has won another three awards as Female Pop Artist of the Year, Pop Collaboration of the Year and Song of the Year – Urban Pop with Puerto Rican Rau Alejandro for “Te Felicito”, a song dedicated to her. This is the first of the trilogy. Former partner, Gerard Piqué.


Don’t know what’s coming. Shakira intends to live with her children in Miami, USA. sasha and milan anal But this was not possible.

Piqué continues his business. kings league It is his ‘toy’ with which he has fun and moves.

The release comes after the great media stir caused by Shakira’s previous song, Session #53 with Argentinian producer BizRap, which garnered nearly 162 million views on platforms such as Spotify in just two weeks.

‘Active’ count based on plays of these songs Spotify and YouTube And according to the payment of each of the above platforms, Barranquillaera’s songs have generated more than 21 million euros to date.

Today, according to European media, ‘BZRP Music Session #53’ has accumulated 350 million views on YouTube and Spotify alone, while ‘Monotonia’ and ‘Te Felicito’ have an impressive 206 million and 477 million respectively.

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