The Most Controversial Film Of Brad Pitt’s Career On Netflix, It Shook The Nation

brad pitt He is one of the most loved and respected actors in the world, as his talent, gift and charisma have brought him great recognition since he began his career in the 1980s.

Ever since he made his debut in cinema, he has also become famous appearances In television series such as “Dallas” and “21 Jump Street”, however, one of the roles for which she is best remembered is the role she played in the 1991 film “Thelma & Louise”, in which she Played the role of a charismatic thief. Banks.

However, one of his most remembered and controversial characters is the one he played in the tapes that we recommend below, this movie “Seven Years in Tibet”A film that caught the attention of the whole world because China blocked Brad Pitt from entering its territory for almost 20 years for this film.

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what is the movie about

This film tells the true story of Heinrich Harrer, An Austrian mountaineer, played by Brad Pitt, who decides to climb Mount Nanga Parbat in India in 1939 with his partner Peter Aufschneiter. However, their campaign was interrupted by the outbreak of World War II and they were both arrested by the British Army and sent to a prison camp in India.

Harrer and Aufschneiter manage to escape the camp and venture into Tibet, where Harrer becomes a close friend and advisor to the young Dalai Lama. as time goes by, harrr He learns about Tibetan culture and becomes involved in the political struggle between Tibet and China.

This is why Brad Pitt was banned from China

The film chronicles the challenges he faces in adjusting to life in Tibet as well as his growing friendship with the Dalai Lama. through their relationship, harrr Find a new perspective on life and spirituality.

Brad Pitt was banned from entering China because relations between the Chinese government and Tibet were strained at the time of the film’s release. “Seven Years in Tibet” It portrays the Chinese occupation of Tibet and the oppression of the Tibetan people, which generated controversy and discontent with the Chinese government. As a result, Brad Pitt was denied entry into China due to his involvement in the film and banned from entering the country.


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