‘The relationship is of a very annoying kind’ Prasad Oak praised his wife and commented on his relatives.

Mumbai, March 19- Prasad Oak is always active on social media. He also keeps sharing his different types of pictures and videos with his fans. Also share updates about your work. Along with acting, Prasad has also successfully ventured into direction. But surely the journey till this point was not easy for him. When he chose acting as a career, he had to face opposition from his relatives. He has told about this in an interview.

Saad recently gave an interview to YouTube channel ‘Ispaniti’. In this interview, he talked about the treatment meted out to his relatives in the early days of his career. Apart from this, Prasad also revealed how his wife Manjiri supported him in this difficult time.

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Prasad said on this occasion that relatives are very complicated and very frustrating. What field of acting from relatives in the early years? What career will it lead to? I was told that you must have looked for a better job in the bank. Today the same relatives send their children to be photographed with me. I said I don’t like it either. I don’t like relatives. Prasad said that I never got anything good from him.

Prasad also praised his wife Manjiri on this occasion. He said whatever he gave to me, my wife gave to him. My teachers educated me. Mother gave me a song. But the relatives did not give me anything”. “But Manjiri has taken care of all these relatives. She kept defending me in front of relatives. He has borne all the burden alone. Manjiri is 100 percent responsible for my success. In 1996, he asked me to leave Pune and move to Mumbai. I am here today because of him.

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