The scariest scene from ‘The Last of Us’ upset fans for a very different reason

Screengrab via YouTube/Heavy Spoilers

last of us Episode eight was good food for fans of brutal post-apocalyptic TV. With Joel still recovering from his wound, he and Ellie switch roles with her protecting him in the harsh Wyoming winter. While hunting for food, Ellie meets David, the leader of a group of survivors… with questionable dietary habits.

Due to the cold weather between their crops and the lack of game among the snow, they resorted to eating forbidden meat. Or, as Ellie memorably put it, “You’re eating people you’re sick of f**k!”.

Something troubling is that Reddit doesn’t seem to have a problem with cannibalism, but with a lack of seasoning:

The answers agree, pointing out that if you’re going to eat a friend, you can at least honor their memory with a little kitchen skill:

Let’s make this a meal to remember:

Joseph wanted its flavors to be sealed with a fiery flame:

once again Hannibal Did right:

And yes, Bill would have nailed it:

Then again, perhaps getting onlookers mouth-watering over a tasty serving of tall pig might be sending the wrong message:

When the episode ended, we realized that being a cannibal was surprisingly low on David’s list of crimes, and we were glad to see him confess his supremely despicable plan to make 14-year-old Ellie his unwilling wife. A broken finger, a stab wound to the guts, and 22 cleaver wounds to the face and neck.

last of us The season finale airs on Sunday, but the episode follows, with an upbeat, heroic and triumphant ending as the fireflies finally manage to develop a vaccine for cordyceps infection. We’ll put the champagne on ice just for the moment. Yup, we’re sure it’s a good time for Joel and Ellie from here on out.

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