The second season of The Last of Us series will be ‘more infected’

second season of the adaptation of last of us already underway after the massive success of the first season, which has managed to introduce people less involved with video games One of the best stories the medium has given us, Even with its obvious differences, the series has managed to successfully transfer many of the benefits of the original work developed by Naughty Dog, although as with everything there is always room for improvement. looking forward to the next season, which will adapt the events of The Last of Us Part IICraig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, showrunner And the game’s co-creator has respectively revealed that there will be more encounters with the infected.

“The balance is always reached, not in a single episode or even from one episode to another, but from one season to the next. It is quite possible that many more will be infected later and probably of different variants.“, Mazin explained in response to hundreds of comments from fans protesting the absence of a confrontation against the infected in the first season of the series produced by HBO and PlayStation Productions. Additionally, Druckmann said that he wanted to focus on the relationships between the characters. and that each war “meaning” was, In other words, the creative wanted to avoid trivial, empty action scenes at all costs and ultimately, did not contribute to the development of the characters.

Majin has qualified his series with a “remarkable high” and has made it clear that his goal with next season is none other than improve some aspects Thanks for the lessons learned during filming. Mazin assured that they would maintain their creative process, which included “agreeing no matter how much” they “disagree” because they would “find a way” to “agree”. Druckmann, on the other hand, has insisted that Bella Ramsey will return to play Ellie in the series and that he does not intend to “let her go”.

The first season does a great job when it comes to video game adaptations

,last of us It is an excellent series that fully includes all the elements that made the video game of the same name so important in its time. It is a deep and existential drama, which does little to address human survival in difficult timesas well as the importance of love or decisions in darkest moments”, we concluded in our review.

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