The Showrunners Of ‘Warrior Nun’ Proudly Take Responsibility For Almost Every Bullshit They’re Given

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Virtually every canceled TV series is subject to a social media campaign or petition once the worst-case scenario is confirmed, but warrior nun has proven itself to be a completely different animal.

Not satisfied with the over-the-top trolling move of putting up a billboard directly outside Netflix headquarters, demanding the streaming service reverse its decision and renew the supernatural comic book adaptation for a third season, Simon Barrie’s army of Halo Bearers is agitating. continues to scale new heights.

Whether it’s more ads popping up around the world — which themselves became pilgrimage sites — or social media racking up 10 million #SaveWarriorNun tweets, the momentum won’t be stopping anytime soon. In short, there are a lot of people out there who care about warrior nunBut arguably no other show other than showrunner and executive producer Barrie.

warrior nun
via netflix

To prove that point, the filmmaker confirmed that he was responsible for the vast majority of F-bombs being written into the series, a badge of honor that he wore with the utmost pride and responsibility.

warrior nun Was a surprisingly profane show, but then again, a potty mouth is to be expected when the story begins with Alba Baptista’s Ava Silva being resurrected from the dead, before she embarks on a battle between good and evil. gets trapped which endangers the very fate of humanity. Gone but certainly not forgotten, are the public giving up on their hopes of seeing a third part of the episode on Netflix or elsewhere? Not bullshit at all.

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