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Careful, spoiler alert. starring Aaron Piper,”silence” (“mute” in English) is a Spanish psychological thriller from Netflix It follows Sergio Cicar, a young man who is released 6 years after his parents were murdered when he was still a minor. During that time, he didn’t say a word or cooperate with justice, so his motive for the crime and his current intentions remain a mystery.

Psychiatrist Ana Dusuel and her team try to determine his potential threat to society and uncover the secrets hidden in his mind. To achieve this, they get the judge to approve her probation and allow her to observe him 24 hours a day without notice.

,silenceThe episode begins with Sergio’s parents falling from the balcony of their house, while their son finds and comforts his adopted sister, Noa. Aside from the protagonist’s confession, the only way to find out what really happened that night is to access Noa’s phone.Who recorded everything on video.

Pastor Nathanael is the only one who clearly tries to help Sergio in the Spanish series “El Silencio” (Photo: Netflix)

What happened at the end of “The Silence”?

In addition to Pastor Nathaniel, Sergio comes into contact with Marta, a young woman who gave Noa piano lessons and who used to send letters to Cesar while he was in juvenile detention. Although this may cost him his relationship with Eneko, Marta approaches Sergio, who opens the door to the past and talks about her life before the tragedy.,

After seeing that the object of her study trusts Marta, Ana asks her to help her obtain Noa’s videos. To convince her, the psychiatrist assures her that she is trying to prove that Sergio is good and that these pictures are the only way to prove it.

When Eneco learns of his girlfriend’s deception, he gathers a group of friends and goes to kill Sergio. Ana takes advantage of the commotion to ask Marta to download the video. Although they obtain the images, their use is in jeopardy as Eneko files a complaint of assault and Siskar is returned to the detention center.

To save her studio, Ana sends the video of the fight to Nathaniel, who uses it to get Eneko to withdraw the complaint. Sergio is released once again, but Cabrera, the sub-inspector in charge of overseeing the investigation, is determined to thwart Dr. Dusuel’s project. And press Michael to erase the recording.

While their team solves the problems, Ana is determined to move forward despite the fact that Marta tells Sergio that she is being monitored, so she searches Blanca’s files, mother of the hero of “silenceand confirms that the one-time patron was experimenting on his son And she supplied him with drugs that her husband, Javier, obtained from laboratories with which he collaborated.

Marta in the only one Sergio trusts in the Spanish series “El Silencio” (Photo: Netflix)

What does the end of “silence” mean?

Sergio, did you really kill your parents?

Ana’s team members believe she is too involved in the investigation and instead of checking whether Sergio is ready to rejoin society, she wants to prove his innocence, and they are right. Because the psychiatrist is obsessed with the mentor’s son.

Ana learns that she and Sergio have more in common than she thought. She, like Siskar, was a very intelligent girl who was abused by her mother. In Sergio’s case, Blanca discovered he had violent episodes, so she tried to help him.

While Sergio pays his aunt to get Noa’s number, Ana agrees to include her daughter in the experiment, who is actually a girl adopted by Blanca and Javier., When Ana receives Sergio’s message, she decides to go over to his house to talk to him.

Sergio finally decides to tell what happened that night. Apparently Blanca was planning to drug Noa, so she and her father tried to stop her. In the struggle, Javier accidentally pushes his wife and then throws himself over the balcony out of guilt. However, this is not true, as Noah appears and reveals that Blanca was only trying to help him and that day, he had a mental block and murdered his parents.

“El Silencio” ends with Noa asking her mother to come home, but Ana decides to stay with Sergio, who takes her to the balcony. Shortly after it is shown that someone falls from a balcony, although it is unclear who it is, everything indicates that it is Ana.

At the end of the Spanish series “El Silencio” Ana Dasuel decides to leave her daughter Noa and live with Sergio (Photo: Netflix)

How to watch “Silence”?

‘El Silencio’ is available on Netflix from May 19, 2023Hence, all you need is a subscription to the popular streaming platform to watch the new Spanish series.

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