The song of Raghuveer’s film ‘Bhramanti’ will be released on the release date of the film.

delusional song : Based on Samarth Ramdas Swami, a great saint of Maharashtra ‘Raghuveer’ A few days ago the motion poster of the film (Raghuveer) was released. Actor Vikram Gaikwad will play the role of Samarth Ramdas Swamy in this film. The audience is happy to see on the big screen the universal form of Swami, who infuses knowledge and devotion in words to the common people. Recently a melodious song of ‘Raghuveer’ has been released, which is a musical look for him.

Directed by Nilesh Kunjir, Raghuveer is produced by Cinemasters Entertainment and produced by Samarth Creations in association with Dynamic Productions and Adityam Creations. The film is produced by Abhinav Vikas Pathak and co-produced by Arvind Singh Rajput, Vaibhav Kishore Mankar, Sapna Kiran Badgujar and Dr. Badgujar Kiran Chhagan. Sameer Dixit and Hrishikesh Bhirangi’s Pickle Entertainment & Media Pvt. Ltd. is the distributor of this film. Ramdas Swamy’s Bhramanti can be seen in the song ‘Bhramanti’. Samarth Ramdas Swami appears in the beginning of this song performing Surya Namaskar at sunrise as seen by Bhaskara. The song begins with the words ‘upper energy…’. Thereafter various forms of Swami appear in the song, such as wandering in the forest, eating karvanda for peace of mind, resting under a tree, meditating, walking miles and miles, chanting continuously even in snow, conveying a message to God. Be self-reliant, be self-reliant and preach to take up arms to destroy. The locations in the song are beautiful and the camerawork is amazing. The mantra of the song ‘Jai Jai Ram…’ is heart touching. The song ‘Bharmanti’ ends with Samarth chanting ‘Jai Jai Raghuveer Samarth’. Written by lyricist Mandar Cholkar, the song has been composed by music composer Ajit Parab along with Ravindra Sathe in his own voice.

Watch the song ‘Bharmanti’

Nilesh Kunjir has written the screenplay with Abhiram Bhadkamkar and Bhadkamkar has written the dialogues. Starring Vikram Gaikwad in the title role, it also stars Rituja Deshmukh, Naveen Prabhakar, Shailesh Datar, Rahul Mehendale, Vignesh Joshi, Ninad Kulkarni, Bhushan Tailang, Varsha Dandle, Moushumi Tonwalkar, Anushree Phadnis, Ganesh Mane. The cinematography of the song ‘Brahmanti’ is done by DOP Dhanraj Sukhdev Wagh and Prathamesh Nitin Rangole and music is composed by Jageshwar Dhoble and Prashant Chandrakant Kamble. Sachin Suhas Bhave is the executive producer of this film.

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