The Stranger Things character who was written off the show without explanation

Stranger Things has not introduced new episodes since the premiere of the fourth installment in May 2022 on the Netflix platform. The fantasy series will return to the transmitter with Season 5 and it is confirmed that it will be the last of the series, which will bring back the fan favorite except for the one who disappeared from the screen without any explanation.

stranger things is the hit fiction, suspense and horror drama created by brothers Matt and Ross Duffer for the streaming platform Netflix, The series premiered in mid-2016 and fans have since been hooked on the storylines that follow a group of teens trying to uncover the origins of mysterious disappearances and murders that occur in the fictional small town of Hawkings .

David Harbor exits as one of the Stranger Things characters

The series is considered one of the most successful in recent decades, currently ranked first among the top ten shows on Netflix. It was also the most watched television production of 2022 and hence is expected to return with season 6 next year. A presentation that will tell the story’s end and reveal the great mysteries that have intrigued millions of viewers since the beginning.

In addition to the mysteries surrounding the main plot of Stranger Things, there is one that has curiously caught the attention of fans. Let’s remember that there have been countless characters in the Netflix series all these years who have been essential to the development of the program. All of them are played by talented stars but there is one very special character who makes occasional appearances and has not been seen on screen for a long time. In fact, there hasn’t been an explanation given in the least as to what his whereabouts were.

One of the biggest stars of Stranger Things david harbor, the actor who gave life to Hawkins Police Chief Jim Hopper. The main protagonist who will return with the sixth season of the Netflix series, time and again shocks his fans and keeps them up to date with the show especially by bringing to light some mysteries beyond its plot when it comes to ChesterThe Byers family dog.

Byers’ mascot was being written out of storylines on Stranger Things due to on-set issues between Chester and David Harbour.

It was through the interview that David Harbor was asked about his difficulty working on Stranger Things with the Byers family dog. Jim Hopper’s interpreter explained that at the beginning of his involvement in the series the most difficult moment he experienced during his time on the film set was when he had to work with the exotic mascot. The problem became so complex that he had no choice but to talk to production so that they would no longer include him in the plot.

“I got along very badly with the dog,” he said.

It turned out that David Harbor clarified that he had nothing against the pet, and the fact that he did not get along well with his scenes with it was not his fault, but his owner’s. . And it is that apparently Chester was not properly trained as the people responsible for the cast initially thought when they decided to integrate him into the cast. Unfortunately for the dog, this upset the Stranger Things star so much that the condition determined his fate in the following seasons. Unfortunately, they ousted him from the show.

“Take after take, he’d go off to do something. I remember the coach on set saying: Let’s go! We need to make money! Yeah, I went over to production and said, ‘You know, Buyers should put this dog down next season.

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