The truth of the eviction video, what does Shakira say?

Gerard Piqué and Clara Chia Marti They continue on their way of love, even though many devotees believe that love is over between them.

The King’s League has not been an obstacle for the former Barcelona defender to spend a few moments with his girlfriend who suffers from darts in Shakira’s songs.

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He was recently the hero of a “scandal” that never existed, when it turned out that he was fired from a restaurant.

On that occasion it was said that Piqué and Clara left the site because the owner was a fan of Shakira, but he was perverse.

In the first instance the two were said to have been spotted at a restaurant Los Angeles United States, But the ‘Parv’ program analyzed the pictures that went viral.

As it turns out, that video is not true. Photos confirm that Piqué and Clara Chia are wearing the same clothes they wore on the day they both attended the match fc andorra, The team whose former defender is the president and what happened in the city To change

TikTok theorized that the video of the restaurant was in the US, but the program confirmed that it was not, that they were in the game at the time.

Thus, telecinco He confirmed that the expulsion of the two from the restaurant was not correct, as they were going to watch the game in Badalona.

Shakira, as usual, does not talk about these issues and concentrates on her work.

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