The young man who broke the heart of Margarita Rosa de Francisco

After a strong Tussa for a “girl” the actress found love again and is in love with the same man for 14 years now

Fashion expert, Pilar Castaño, has an interesting podcast where she interviews various characters, especially from Colombian show business. It was from here that Margarita Rosa de Francisco, the icon of the small screen in our country, passed away.

The well-known actress has opened up about her love life, even though the subject has been kept private. Pilar Castaño is one of her closest friends, so Margarita Rosa de Francisco had the confidence to tell of her most recent experiences in love.

La Callie confessed that a few years ago, she had a relationship with a man younger than her and it didn’t go too well: “I was in a terrible situation because I had fallen in love with a boy younger than me and the man had let me go. I felt the most unhappy of all the women and I didn’t want anyone anymore”, Said. After that injury, the actress never thought of falling in love again.

After the breakup, there was a 180 degree turn in his life. When she least expected it, Margarita Rosa de Francisco found love with her current husband. Dutch director and photographer Will van der Vult stole the hearts of Colombians: “I met a man who, yes, has been a miracle to me. […] We communicate, above all, intellectually, very well”, the man with whom she has been for 14 years. Proved that after the storm comes the calm.

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