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As we mentioned earlier, Gem Partners is a Japanese service that conducts a weekly Internet survey asking Japanese viewers which series they watched last week and on which streaming service. Because some media misrepresent information that some believe Gem Partners You have access to watch on various streaming services in Japan, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, given that it only has about 7,000 entries, it is “about as credible as Anime Trending or Anime Corner.”,

In short, notwithstanding the above, we call it “japan trending anime“, and although their results are far from being considered absolute, we can always analyze the sample of people they survey each week. It seems that Japanese fans do the same, and one recent news item that caught our attention was the audience for Oishi no Ko, which seems to be dominated by women.

This is a very strange situation. Considering that Oishi no ko is a series for the seinen demographic, ie it is aimed at an adult male audiencein the same way as Kaguya-sama: Love is War, But before I explain further, why don’t we review what it reported Gem Partners recently?

In their most recent report, in addition to the fact that no oshi Ko was the second most watched series in the surveyed sample, behind only Kimetsu no Yaiba. It is found that the ratio of males and females watching the series is 4:6, that is, the number of females watching the series is more than that of males., It’s certainly not a huge change (4:6 reads for every six females, there are four males), but it was enough to get Japanese viewers to argue about it:

  • ,If it is directed towards men then why is it popular among women?,
  • ,Really? Was this series for women?,
  • ,I find this curious, given that there are more female characters than male in that series, or is it for the exact same reason?,
  • ,well at least the fan base isn’t full of otaku pigs,
  • ,If they watched the series, they would understand.,
  • ,why are you surprised? Haven’t you noticed that Oshi no Ko is full of elements that women love?,
  • ,First, let’s remember that the woman is in charge of the drawing,
  • ,I don’t know about anime but in Shonen Jump Plus women always appear in new chapters and leave various comments. The Sisterhood currently agrees to hate Kana Arima.,
  • ,Will this be the series that finally squashes the female otakus?,
  • ,It was clear from the beginning. Men love Kana Arima because Aqua manipulates her, women love Akane Kurokawa because she doesn’t allow herself to be manipulated,
  • ,Women usually hate Kana Arima because she reminds them of themselves, it seems that women project their emotional instability onto the characters,
  • ,And what about those of us who love mem-chow? what we are?,
  • ,For some reason, when I got home this Golden Week vacation, my mom was watching Oishi no.,

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