There was a fight between the two at Prem Chopra’s wedding party, Raj Kapoor called Raj Kumar a murderer..

Mumbai, March 19- Bollywood’s late superstars Rajkumar and Raj Kapoor may not be among us today, but their stories are still popular today. Both these superstars were popular for their acting but were equally in limelight for their behaviour. Rajkummar was a sub-inspector before venturing into acting. He left the job of Sub Inspector (Assistant Police Sub-Inspector) and made his debut in the world of cinema at the age of 26. His first film was ‘Rangali Harangali’ released in 1952. After this he worked in about 70 films like ‘Mother India’, ‘Humraj’ and ‘Heer Ranjha’. Raj Kumar is counted among the superstars of his era. Rajkumar did not have the acting legacy but Raj Kapoor got the acting legacy from his family. He was the late actor Prithvi Raj Kapoor. Raj Kapoor’s first film was ‘Inquilab’. Raj Kapoor was only 11 years old when this film came out.

Rajkumar and actor Raj Kapoor were counted among the most handsome, talented actors of that time. Everyone was a fan of both their face to face and dialogue delivery. His fan base was the same in the beginning and interestingly, it is still the same today. Both had many things in common but never got along. The enmity between these two could be seen in the film, but in real life also the enmity between these two was no less. Something similar happened in Prem Chopra’s marriage too. Prem Chopra for this marriage

You will be surprised to know that Rajkumar and Raj Kapoor are counted among the most handsome, talented actors of Hindi cinema. Seeing the height of both and their acting-expression, communication, everyone felt their attraction. However, the two did not meet. The enmity between the two was seen in films as well as in real life. Prem Chopra had invited his brother-in-law Raj Kapoor (Raj Kapoor and Prem Chopra’s wife are sisters) and friend Raj Kumar to his wedding.

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Prem Chopra and Raj Kapoor are in a relationship. Raj Kapoor’s wife Krishna Kapoor’s younger sister Uma was married to Prem Chopra. Ironically, this marriage was officiated by Raj Kapoor himself. After his marriage to Uma, Prem Chopra threw a party for Bollywood actors. Many famous Bollywood actors attended this party. Kapoor family and some Bollywood celebs were enjoying the party in this party. In the middle of the party, there was an argument between Raj Kapoor and Raj Kapoor.

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you are a murderer…

According to media reports, the party was colourful. Raj Kapoor had consumed alcohol. He had too much. Then his eyes fell on the prince. He slowly went to them and told them that you are the murderer. At first Raj Kumar ignored Raj Kapoor. But Raj did the same again. On this the prince said, ‘Yes, of course I am a murderer, but I never came to you to ask for work, but today you came to me. While Prem Chopra and other stars celebrated both. and separated them.

This is the reason behind the word murderer…

Before becoming an actor, Raj Kumar was a sub-inspector and was working in Mumbai. When he got a film offer, he resigned from his job as a sub-inspector and accepted the film offer. It was discussed that when Rajkumar was a sub-inspector in the Mumbai Police, his name came up in a murder case. After this he left the police job and started working in films. Raj Kapoor knew this and he taunted Rajkumar about this in a drunken state, which made Raj Kumar very upset.

The film ‘Mera Naam Joker’ was rejected

Where on one hand Raj Kumar was trying his luck in films, on the other hand Raj Kapoor continued to work in films but also handled the axis of film production. It is said that when Raj Kapoor was producing Mera Naam Joker, the film was offered to Raj Kumar. But he refused to do this film.

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